Kiteboarding lessons – Intermediate

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Intermediate lessons

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can take your kiting to the next level with additional follow-up lessons. After learning to water start, some of the next skills to learn include staying upwind, doing transitions, riding toeside, and of course jumping. You can learn each of these skills quickly by working with an instructor, thus avoiding frustration and reducing the chance of injury.

Additionally, since the jetski is right there for you when you need a break as well as when you finish your practice, you don’t have to worry about staying upwind. You would thus just focus on improving your riding without the frustrating experience and waste of valuable water time which usually comes with having to find a place downwind where you could get out of the water and land your kite safely, then walk back upwind with all your gear in order to start all over again.

Intermediate lessons will focus on areas you wish to improve and are by definition always customized to the individual. Wave riding lessons are also available at $100 per hour to qualified students.

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